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U.S. Navy Community Support Program (CSP)
Pearl Harbor, HI



Challenge: Pearl Harbor CSP communicates hundreds of messages to its thousands of base-wide customers every month.  They communicate stories, upcoming events and other relevant information to both single sailors and military families.  CSP communicates its information via traditional posters, a magazine and a website.   Pearl Harbor CSP was seeking a way to deliver more information to on-base venues, using a dynamic solution that could be easily updated.




nex   Solution: Pacific Digital Signs installed a pilot program at 3 locations on Pearl Harbor Naval Base.  Within 2 months, CSP decided to expand the program and is moving forward with 11 new locations on several Hawaiian Islands .  The content at all Hawai’i  locations can be updated at any time from the CSP marketing office; reducing print & delivery costs, increasing program awareness and guarantying timely delivery of messages to servicemen and their families.  A solution was even included for the on-base theater, which now shows video commercials and ads on the big screen before each movie via a digital signage solution provided by Pacific Digital Signs.


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