1 2 2 About Pacific Digital Signs in Honolulu Hawaii 5 Digital Signage is dynamic plasma and lcd advertising and marketing 7 Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Medical use plasma and lcd displays to increase sales and reduce costs and  build brands 9 Pacific Digital Signs provides interactive displays, kiosks and content development 11 Hawaii and Pacific customers use displays to communicate with customers at point of purchase 13 Hawaii, Pacific and worldwide news about digital displays and kiosk solutions 15 16


PDS offers full-service digital signage solutions.  Project planning and design, hardware & software selection, content development,  project implementation, ongoing service and support…we can help you build and grow your network from start to finish. 

Perhaps you already have some screens & PCs?  No problem, we also offer ala carte solutions for just software, content, or any other component you need…and more importantly you get an expert partner to help you get the highest return from your digital signage network.

Our services include:
o Needs Analysis
o Project Planning
o Digital Signage Hardware & Software
o Content Creation
o Training
o Network Management & Maintenance
o On-call technical support


1 2 Hawaii's 3M Digital Signage Software Provider