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Digital Signage: What is it? When it comes to the future of messaging, all signs point to change. In the case of digital signage, the change is nothing short of revolutionary.  Digital signage is a broad term used to describe the integration of a variety of technologies, including computers, displays &  software, that culminate in a single end result: a unique and powerful communications medium that provides unparalleled opportunities to capture your audience’s attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales.

What’s that noise?  Buzz. Why all the noise about digital signage? Start with the sheer impact of full-motion video and sound. Include the advantages of rotating different message-loops in a single footprint. Now add the flexibility to change messages easily and quickly.

Plus, you have comprehensive control over how, when and where your messages are delivered. And proof-of-play reports and other monitoring features make it easy to verify that messages played and were properly displayed. Because digital signage networks are largely automated and remotely controlled, you can launch a new communications campaign 24/7 with zero courier costs, no on-site personnel requirements, and total security.

Digital Signage networks can also include interactive capabilities. What does that mean, exactly? Touchscreens and other interactive devices enable your customer to fully engage in the communications experience, as well as providing valuable marketing data.

The results?  Increased traffic and revenues.  Entertained & informed customers.  Lower content production costs, improved message consistency and “compliance”, and faster time to market.


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