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The flexibility of digital signage technology, coupled with the variety of display
formats available, makes it extremely appropriate for many industries. Naturally,
possible applications and benefits are as varied as the industries and specific
companies themselves.


Within Retail Environments
• Branding • Training
• Informing • Promoting product(s)
• Providing wayfinding
• Enhancing the environment
• Improving overall customer experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty

Within the Hospitality Industry:
• Promotional campaigns, specials & up-sells
• Advertising tie-in promotions (tours, etc)
• Increase covers & F&B revenues
• In-house communications to customers
• Wayfinding
• Current Schedule of Events/Meetings

Within the Restaurant Industry:
• Promote special offers, meals, upsells & special events
• Advertising tie-in promotions (tours, etc)
• Reduce percieved wait-time
• Live Camera in the kitchen!

Within Entertainment Venues (Attractions, Cinemas, Casinos, Museums, and Theme Parks):
• Highlighting concessions (changing prices, specials promotions, etc)
• Promoting new attractions and/or playing scenes from upcoming movies
• For museums, providing in-depth information and exhibit interactivity
• Wayfinding

Within Airports
• Wayfinding within the terminal
• Automated ticketing
• Flight information
• Entertainment via internal broadcast
• Infotainment, such as updating news and weather
• New retail opportunities in a unique environment

Within the Banking Industry:
• Informs, educates, entertains (lessens perceived wait time)
• Allows customers to assimilate info at their own speed,
• Enables rapid updating of changing data (mortgage rates, stocks, etc)

Within Large Corporations, Military, Education, Medical:
• Adaptable internal communications conduit
• Inexpensive “private broadcast” forum
• Flexible training tool with interactive capabilities
• Communications to customers and visitors




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