Arizona Memorial Installs Multiple Digital Displays to Boost Donations and Honor Donors & War Heroes

Honolulu, Hawaii (December 7, 2007) – In order to accelerate and automate fund raising efforts for the new Pearl Harbor Memorial Museum & Visitor Center, the Arizona Memorial Museum Association, and its Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund, recently installed several digital displays the museum’s entrance. The new displays consist of an Interactive Donor Display, an Interactive Memorial Display, Digital Signage Displays and a Donation Kiosk to allow self-service donations via credit and debit cards.

“There were several areas where we thought that technology would be a great way to enhance our fundraising efforts as well as recognize our thousands of donors,” said Laurie Moore, Director of Development at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund (PHMF). “We also wanted to honor thousands of heroes of our US Military and civilians, both past and present.” The association contracted Pacific Digital Signs (PDS) to develop several interactive displays for the Museum. The first large LCD screen displays two scrolling memorial lists. The first list displays individual and company donors, currently over 25,000. A 15” touch screen below the 40” LCD display allows donors to search for their names by either Last Name or by State. A second list honors military and civilian heroes, and allows visitors to leave messages and tributes to fallen soldiers and civilians. This list is also searchable and currently contains over 10,000 honorees. Names are added to each list remotely via the PDS designed software.

“With thousands of existing donors, and new donors and memorial dedications every day, this was an ideal way to honor them…and the technology allows us to easily add or edit names whenever we want, without expensive reprinting!” says Krista Hoffmann, Database Manager for PHMF. All updates are done remotely, meaning AMMA staff can make the updates from their remote offices without having to go to the museum floor to make changes to the displays.

A third display delivers marketing and museum information, as well as special greetings and messages to museum visitors. “It was nice to be able to put up special messages for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and of course, December 7th. We were able to schedule the messages ahead of time and they automatically started and stopped exactly when we wanted them to,” added Moore . The digital signage software allows for scheduled content of various media types including Flash, web pages, PowerPoint, video and customized tickers, among other features.

“While our visitors are generous with their cash donations, we also realize that many people prefer to carry plastic and that’s where the Donor Kiosk comes in,” continued Moore . This ATM-like device allows visitors to sign up as donors and make a donation via a credit card or debit card, and even prints out a donation receipt right on the spot.

The interactive donor display consists of a 40” NEC LCD display combined with a 15” NEC touch screen. They are powered by a custom application developed by PDS which runs on a PC in a nearby data closet. The Donor Kiosk includes a 40” NEC LCD screen above a touch-screen kiosk which includes a credit card swipe and receipt printer. The screens are neatly mounted to the concrete structure using Peerless mounts. Another consideration was portability. “Since the museum will be rebuilt in the next few years, all components were designed to be easily migrated to the new location extending the museum’s investment and benefits,” said Vince Mitchell, President of Pacific Digital Signs.

“We are very pleased with the results of partnering with Pacific Digital Signs. They brought many ideas to the table, were very responsive throughout the entire process and continue to go beyond the call.” added Moore .

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