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Digital Posters are High Impact, Portable, Versatile.

Need to make a statement at an event with high profile & dynamic visuals?  This robust visual system is made to make your event, location and information shine.  PDS Digital Posters are powerful visuals with a polished black enclosure (custom wraps available) designed to showcase your information in a way that engages and entices your visitors.  They can be used for corporate communications to get messages quickly out to departments, teams and even a corporation.  Highlight locations and help people find their way by utilizing the digital poster’s wayfinding capabilities in complex systems like airports and hospitals or drive traffic to your location by placing the digital poster at an entrance of major foot traffic in a mall to get them to your front door. Create event oriented visuals to promote a high profile client, new restaurant or spa services in your hotel. This big bold way of sharing information attracts people and engages them with your content.  It’s hard to miss!  Take a sale even bigger by cross selling and upselling retail traffic in your store to help the visualized add-ons to sale items.

It’s a terrific way to display powerful messaging in HD in an economic footprint.  Easily updated, the system uses thumb drive for updating, or add an Digital Signage Player and software to increase the functionality including full touch.
Sizes include 42”, 46” & 55”, options include one and two sided displays, outdoor displays and interactivity (touch enabled).

Perfect for hospitality, events, casinos, airports, retail promotions, corporate education, transportation services, restaurants, banks, health services, malls and museums.