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Get Your Location Noticed!

Invite your guests to have fun with your brand with our social media photo kiosks !  Extremely easy to set up and use, these kiosks urge your customers to check in and share your brand, capture live pictures of your guests in a branded photo frame, which they share via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Email.

Brand every customer visit!

Branded frames turn customers into photo advocates!  Guests also automatically like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter you when they post the picture!  Link your event and brand to the social media networks to grow your social media buzz!  And unlike random or paid ‘likes’, these are  your customers, at your location… sharing their fun experience with all their friends as ‘Social Proof’.

Power Up Events!

Need to promote a specific event or promotion? Gain more visibility and brand recognition as your social media kiosk visitors engage at your event and share real-time interactions with friends.  The social media kiosk creates buzz and exponential visibility while exposing your information to markets you might not otherwise have access to.

Smile. Snap. Share!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides purchasing, are there rental and lease programs for the Social Media Kiosk?

    Yes! You have the opportunity to purchase, rent or lease all of our units! We have covered Rentals for Social Media Photo Kiosks all across the nation from Philadelphia, to Florida, Seattle, San Francisco and Hawaii! Contact us today for any opportunities.
  • What other brand and advertisement opportunities are there?

    When you purchase a Social Media Kiosk, you get a brand page that compiles all the Social Media Post images as a gallery. On this page, there are opportunities to brand the page using a banner image and add hyperlink ads. Each person that views your guest's branded photo will see the banner and add. A great opportunity to post special offers and incentives! Simply design your Social Media Kiosk page, setup your promotions and let your customers create and share engaging content every day for you!
  • What kind of Social Media demographics do I get from use?

    Each time a guest uses the kiosk, they log in with Facebook, Twitter, or their email address. The kiosk logs the email address for each user as well as their marketing opt-in information. If the guest uses Social Media to post their photo, it will log their profile, age, and the amount of people who see or click on the branded image! You also have all the images to download from your guest interactions!