Social Media Tiles and Social Photo Kiosks

Social Media Kiosks and our Social Media Tile displays help drive visitors and sales via social media engagement. Your guests will have fun while they visit your location and will be encouraged to share their experiences on social media with their friends and family.

Social Media Tile Displays

Tile Display

Our new Social Media Tile displays are a fun way to engage your customers and fans and encourage them to post to your social channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. These unique 22” square displays are perfect for social content, and can be wall mounted, or we have several boxes and stand options. Permanently mount them, or take them on the go to enhance events, activations and other remote locales. You can connect several units to create a fun video-wall effect with content that’s updated every time you post on any platform!

Update your settings directly on the display, or via an easy Android app from your phone or tablet from anywhere, and add in custom ads and other marketing messages to drive further customer action.

Social Media Tiles Hawaii preview video

Social Media Kiosks

Social media post

Get Your Location Noticed!

Invite your guests to have fun with your brand with our social media photo kiosks! Extremely easy to set up and use, these kiosks urge your customers to check in and share your brand, capture live pictures of your guests in a branded photo frame, which they share via Email or Social Media.

Brand Every Customer Visit!

Branded frames turn customers into photo advocates! Link your event and brand to the social media networks to grow your social media buzz! More importantly these are your customers, at your location… sharing their fun experience with all their friends as ‘Social Proof’.

Power up Events!

Need to promote a specific event or promotion? Gain more visibility and brand recognition as your social media kiosk visitors engage at your event and share real-time interactions with friends. The social media kiosk creates buzz and exponential visibility while exposing your information to markets you might not otherwise have access to.

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