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Digital Menu Boards are Game Changers!

Digital Menu Boards are quickly becoming a ‘no-brainer’ in the restaurant space.   Enticing food shots and video can help improve the customer experience, boost brand perception and drive revenue and profit.  Digital screens are eye-catching, reduce ongoing printing costs and provide more value than a standard printed menu board.  Our digital menu boards can include food images, video, live TV, social media feeds and more.  The menus are database-driven, which makes updating menu items and pricing a breeze.

You can make changes and update prices instantly from any Web PC or even from your phone! Segment your screens to show menu items and pricing, special promotions or even revenue-generating 3rd party advertising.  We’ve helped ‘Mom & Pops’ restaurants to brands like 7-Eleven, Jack in the Box , Jamba Juice and Wolfgang Puck just to name a few.   Leverage our 10+ years of experience to get the best value for your investment, and with our easy financing you can get started fast without a large capital outlay.

Digital Menuboard Benefits Include:

  • Promote new and high-profit menu items with motion to ensure notice.
  • Day-part breakfast, lunch, dinner & late-night menus automatically based on time of day, or day of week.
  • Show nutritional information, calorie counts, sodium and new regulated items.
  • Control menus at 1 or many locations & give local managers control if you like.
  • Reduce perceived wait times and eliminated menu printing costs.
  • Ensure 100% compliance that all locations are showing promotions and specials on schedule.
  • Clear counter clutter, improve brand perception.

No need to wait, we’ve just made it even easier!
You can get started with digital menu boards for just $99 down installed, nationwide

We now offer our digital menuboard solutions in an easy to handle lease or buy outright.  Our pro nationwide installers will install your commercial-grade solution and get you up and running in no time.

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