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  • Students are anxious and feel left out of their big celebration of graduating in 2020.
  • Schools are eager to provide a memorable experience that engages and highlights each graduate.
  • Zoom Meetings, long video viewings, etc are not engaging, and more a 1-way conversation.
  • Drive-by Diploma pickups, drive-in style video reviews, etc. require travel and include risk and liability on School.

Now there is a unique, fun experience that involves every student, and can be shared with all worldwide!


  • You Choose Your Mosaic Masterpiece. (Your Final Image)
  • Students upload an image via your custom URL…by themselves, w/ family, cap & gown, etc.
  • Students upload a personal response to your theme question
  • School Admins can approve or decline each image/comments
  • Each student picture is transformed into a Mosaic tile, accumulating to your Mosaic Masterpiece
  • We Create a Custom URL for grads, family & friends to view the final image
  • For your live-stream event, our Event Mode lets you scroll through each student in real-time, sharing the show with students, friends and family worldwide!  Works with Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Teams or any screen-share software
  • After the Virtual Graduation Event, people can click on individual photos within the Mosaic and view each students image and response
  • Your Mosaic is hosted for 6 months (included), and you receive all files to host on your own school website for as long as you wish

For your Students and Staff, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Student Uploads

Admin Approves

Share Live Mosaic


  1. Live interactive mosaic, hosted for 6 months
  2. Branded upload URL with custom fields
  3. Admin panel, you approve or reject images
  4. Overlay capabilities (custom frame on each pic)
  5. Mosaic welcome page
  6. Mosaic can be embedded on the school website
  7. Email/MMS updates to students on approval
  8. Custom mosaic size options/# of students
  9. Event mode to share every photo during live ceremony
  10. In-house engineering team for custom options
  11. We take care of everything – 24/7 support



How long does it take for the photo to be displayed on the mosaic?
Photos are live as soon as you approve them

How many days can I have students upload photos?
Our standard package is 7 days, but you can have it run as long as you would like! We offer custom options as well.

How is the Virtual Grad Mosaic incorporated into our website?
We use Iframes and give you a unique HTML code for you to give to your web development team.

Who chooses the final image?
You do! And, if you are still working through ideas, we would be glad to share feedback on what works best.

Can we get a printed version of the final Mosaic?
Yes, there are options for both large format printing and also poster size prints for students to purchase.

Can we share individual photos to our social media pages?
Yes. Students opt-in when they upload their photos.  You own all rights to all student images & content.

How many student photos can be included?
This is based on graduating class size. The Mosaic will be custom built based on your selected image and class size.

What if I don’t receive enough student photos to complete my Virtual Grad Mosaic?
Once your campaign has ended, we will duplicate photos to fill in the missing tiles. You will have a complete Mosaic, no matter what!

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