Best Practices for driving sales and profits with Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage offers great opportunities to increase customer engagement, sales, and profits. 

Images, animations and video can draw the eye and encourage a call to action.  The saying “People eat with their eyes” is quite accurate, and many digital menu board owners can directly influence purchase decisions by using professional food and product images.  Try focusing on higher-profit margin items for your limited time offers and menu board imagery to increase profits per sale. 

Store department managers can update signage on the fly with any phone, tablet, or computer.  Several departments (Produce, Meat Market, Deli, Freshly Prepared Ready to Eat Meals) have products with a short shelf life or limited quantities on hand.  Digital signage can increase awareness of new products and services, and also highlight items close to expiration for quick sales.  

Pacific Digital Signs displays are easily updated and allow for content scheduling for promotional items based on time of day or day of week. 

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