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Electronic Shelf Labels or Digital Price Tags are not new, but they are popping up across the U.S. and for good reason. ESL tags are e-ink powered displays that use the same technology as an Amazon Kindle™ display. ESL tags do not require any power cables, are updated instantly throughout the store, and can run up to 5-years on a simple watch battery. Each tag has its own unique code that allows wireless updating of pricing and label content from the store’s database. Changes made to prices, messaging, and sale start/end dates can be pre-loaded in the ESL days or weeks in advance. Sections of the store may have different marketing sales campaigns with various end-dates, making dynamic price changes possible while eliminating countless hours of staff labor and also ensuring timely compliance.

Added Features

ESL tags can also include secondary functionality for both front and back of house. Customers can use a store app to locate a product, which can then trigger flashing light on the product tag. Tags can go into ‘restocking mode’ after hours to allow staff to quickly locate and restock low stock items. Further Blinking LEDs, NFC, RFID and other options allow for additional functionality, allowing customers to pull up more detailed product info from their phones by simply touching the tag.

Investment in ESL for retailers can quickly pay for itself and drive a significant ROI between labor savings and additional price adjustment flexibility. This gives retailers the power to change prices store wide based on demand, seasonal and even product expiration dates for perishable items. And with tag prices starting as low as $6, it’s a great way to cut labor costs, ensure accuracy and allow for quicker pricing adjustments to help maximize store profits.


Shelf Edge Displays

Shelf edge display

Shelf-edge displays, digital shelf talkers and smart retail displays are a few names to describe this new display category. These displays are highly effective as they place your messaging at the point-of-decision for shoppers, helping to inform and influence based on product benefits, promotions and other info delivered in dynamic, high-bright displays. These are designed for retail with hardened glass fronts allowing for easy store cleaning and durability.
Digital Header, Shelf Edge and Vertical Aisle-Banner displays make sure your message is seen. And with built-in cameras, you can also see shopper and traffic analytics (link to analytics page) from any display.

Designed to easily connect to Lozier, Maddix or other standard retail shelving and gondolas. Daisy-chain displays to allow for more dynamic content from a single media player to further leverage your investment and customer experience.

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