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digital name tag

Wearable Digital Signage. These fun digital LCD nametags allow for rotating images and animated GIFs showing custom content to engage and inform guests, customers, prospects and others. It’s a great conversation starter as people can’t help to ask about it, while noticing your content of course. Tags last from 8-14 hours based on content and brightness, easily handling events or work shifts without a charge. Tags also include power-saving features enable auto-dim & auto-sleep to further extend battery life. They connect easily with included magnets, lapel pin or lanyard.
Update content via your phone or remotely from the cloud based SaaS platform.

  • Engages attention
  • Informs customers
  • Invites conversation
  • Deepens employee/customer relationship
  • Communicates to multiple people at once
  • Empowers employee
  • Strengthens brand
  • Drives revenue

Combine content about your employees, (where from, hobbies, affinities, passions) with corporate promotional content to increase employee/customer connection, and help employees feel more valued.
Also available are e-ink based digital nametags & digital product tags that require no batteries and have unlimited run time and come in various sizes.
Here’s a quick demo of the digital name tag various styles and sizes

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