When it comes to Digital Signs, Context is Queen!
(Digital Signage content best practices)

We all know that “Content is King”, but when it comes to digital signage, Context is Queen! (And we all know who really runs things).

Unlike many other mediums, with Digital Signage you likely know what the viewer is doing, about to do, or what they have just done.  You know exactly where they are, likely down to the exact direction they are facing. Smart content creators use digital signage content best practices and take advantage to better engage their audiences.  Re-use content created for print, web or TV and your missing a key opportunity to more deeply engage, relate to your audience and drive them to take action.

On a recent flight I spotted several ads running on the seat-back displays that cleverly addressed the viewers location or experience within their content.  Coke had fun in their ad by calling out that Coke has great taste & zero calories at 30,000 ft, and noted it has the same great taste at 0 ft.    Remember to tailor your content to your viewers location and situation to get the best value from your digital signage displays, and if you can have fun doing it, even better.

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