Cut costs using Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and update your entire store’s price labels in minutes.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) provide immediate ROI with labor savings and accuracy of pricing. 

ESL tags are e-ink displays that use the same technology as a Kindle.  Every tag has its own barcode that is assignable to a specific location associated with product placement planograms which increases product placement compliance.   ESL tags do not require any wires and have 5-year battery that communicates with the store inventory database via wifi.  Changes made to locations, prices, messaging, and sale start/end dates can be preloaded in the ESL days or weeks in advance. Sections of the Grocery store may have different marketing sales campaigns with various end dates.  ESLs are a perfect solution to manage 10-100,000 SKUs.  ESLs support frequent price changes and labor savings are significant, as there is no need to deploy your team to manually change out paper tags.  Once deployed, the costs associated with label printers, staff to remove and replace tags, glue cleanup and cross referencing multiple product updates are eliminated.  Pacific Digital Signs provides turnkey implementation services.       

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