Face/Temperature Scan Kiosk


The Face Scan Kiosk is a unique solution that provides Instant Temperature Readings, Face Mask Detection and Facial Recognition combined in a small form factor. Ideal for Health Care, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail and other venues looking to provide a safe employee & customer environment.

These 8″ Android displays can also include RFID scanning for ID Cards. You can attach a hand-sanitizer dispenser and other options to the stand. The Face Temp detection works from up to 3′ away.

  • 8” Android Display w/ built-in
  • LED and IR dual photoflood light
  • Face Recognition library Up to 30,000
  • Adjustable Temp Alarm Setting
  • Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ ± .9 °F
  • Wall mount, Tabletop or Freestanding Kiosk options
  • RFID Reader option
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser option

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Temperature Scanning & Facial Recognition Kiosks – Automatic Temperature Reading

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