Maui Divers Jewelry

Established in 1958, Maui Divers Jewelry is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers specific to precious corals as well as other fine jewelry.   With over 50 locations throughout the Pacific, Maui Divers continues to be a leader in the pearl, coral and fine jewelry industry.

As Maui Divers started their store renovations, they knew that digital signage would be a key component. It was always a challenge to update the 50 locations when jewelry designs changed. Now, using digital signage and remote deployment, they can update the signs all from their corporate office. In addition, the digital signage allows them to have rotating images so that there is movement to draw eyes back to the bright, high-definition photography. In the new Hilton Hawaiian Resort luxury store, two 70″ LCD displays flank the main counter.  Compelling larger-than-life HD imagery & videos help to romance the featured jewelry and extend the company’s lifestyle branding.

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