Top of Waikiki Reservation Kiosk

The award-winning Top of Waikiki restaurant in Waikiki is taking a high-tech approach to driving tourists to their restaurant in the heart of Waikiki. The restaurant recently installed an interactive kiosk & digital signage solution at the building’s Kalakaua entrance to entice tourists with mouth-watering food videos and a digital menu.

The kiosk consists of a 15” touch screen with a second 32” lcd screen above it. Guest can browse through the menu, make a reservation or speak live with the restaurant via a connected phone. The upper screen displays restaurant location, hours, daily specials and video clips of the restaurant views and food.

One of the powerful features of the solution is that it is connected real-time with the restaurant’s reservation system. This means tourists can make and confirm a dinner reservation right on the spot. They can either make the reservation on their own via the kiosk’s touch screen, or pick up the attached phone to speak with the restaurant live. “We had our first booking within 15 minutes of turning on the kiosk, and have had a very strong response daily since then.” says Top of Waikiki Marketing Director Colette Canady. “One of the very convenient features is our ability to monitor the kiosk and change the menu, pricing or marketing videos at any time from our office,” continued Canady.

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