Top 12 Questions about Digital Signage: Digital Menu Board & Restaurant Edition

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We recently attended another Foodservice, Restaurant and Hospitality show where we previewed some of the latest additions to our digital menu board offerings.   There were lots of people and great comments about digital menu boards and ideas for restaurants, applications, and partnerships! After the show we compared notes to find the top 12 questions that were on people’s minds! If you have a question that wasn’t listed, please share in the comments!

    1. How do the menuboards work?
      We use commercial grade screens and a web-based digital menu software. The software can run on Windows, Android, Chrome or on the new commercial LCD screens from Samsung & LG with no PC or media player required!  This translates into savings for our clients since there is less hardware to purchase and support. The commercial grade screens are certified to run 16 to 24 hours (depending on the model and are backed with up to a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.
    2. Are they wireless, do they need Internet?
      To give the ability to instantly update your displays, they are connected to the Internet and can be hard-wired or wireless. Usually any existing internet connection will do so long as there is ample coverage where the screens will be installed in the case of wifi. The bandwidth for digital signage is pretty low because all the content is downloaded to the screen and it stays there until the program tells it that there is an update.
    3. Do you need to be ‘technical’ to make updates?
      No, the software is very easy to use and menu items can be updated or turned on or off with a simple mouse click.  You can update your menus from any Internet PC, Tablet or even your smartphone!  Software training is included,  and online help videos and documentation are a click away.  Plus our support team is always available if needed for some extra help.
    4. Can I update myself or do we need you to do it?
      All of our software is web-based, so you can update your menus yourself at any time day or night.  As stated above, it’s a very easy management software but some clients do choose to have us manage their menu boards as an add-on service.
    5. How much does it cost?
      Digital signage quotes are always a pretty custom deal as it depends on several variables including the size of screen, installation requirements, menu design, etc. But a single screen menu board and software can start as low as $699
    6. Where are you located?
      We have offices located in San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Honolulu, with strong presence in LA & NYC and a national installation & service team.  We offer on-call service and support for clients nationwide.
    7.  Can I install the screens myself?
      Yes, you can stall install the screens yourself, and this can save time and money if integrated with an existing build out.  Talk to your contractor and we can also provide them with the full screen and mount specs.  If needed, we do offer full installation services including data cabling and electrical.
    8. Can this work for more than one location?
      Yes, the software can support from 1 to thousands of sites nationwide.
    9. Can my menu boards include advertising?
      Yes, many restaurants offer promotional/advertising space which can be used to generate additional revenue if desired.
    10. Can the menus show Calories and other nutritional info?
      Absolutely!  The new FDA requirements for calories and other nutritional infomation are coming soon.  Many are moving to digital to allow them to easily update as new requirements come into play.  Calories, Sodium, Fat, Sugar, Gluten-Free and other info can be displayed and easily updated on any menu.
    11. How often can I update my menus?
      There is no limit to the amount or number of updates you can make.  You can also schedule menus to appear at specific times of the day, 24/7 day or night.
    12. Can I use my own screen?
      Yes, the software can work with existing screens, however, we strongly recommend commercial-grade screens for extra reliability and functionality. If you have a traditional LCD screen and want to add the flexibility and options that our software has, it may require a small media player to run the software.  This depends on the model of screen you have and would need to be determined on a case by case basis.

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