Wolfgang Puck Express Sees Sales Success with Digital Menu Boards

Delivering an Innovative Customer Experience

Pacific Digital Signs, a leading digital signage integration company, continues its successful digital menu board rollouts for Quick Serve and Fast Casual brands with its recent installation for the first Wolfgang Puck Express location in Hawaii. Digital menus on Samsung’s DB48D provide an ordering experience with flexible connectivity and high indoor performance in a distinctive, sleek design that uses advanced technology to drive customer satisfaction.

Wolfgang Puck Express (WPE) has a world-class Waikiki location, providing affordable, gourmet fastcasual food to locals and International tourists alike. With a location directly across from Waikiki Beach, it would seem difficult to enhance the customer experience, but that’s precisely what they’ve done with the addition of dynamic digital menu boards.

Over the past year, Pacific Digital Signs (PDS) has worked closely with Wolfgang Puck and Samsung to provide a comprehensive signage solution. The WPE digital menu boards consist of four 48-inch next-generation Samsung Commercial LCD displays. These advanced commercial displays contain on-board processors, eliminating the need for a PC or media player at each screen, and provide a digital signage solution designed to help business owners better communicate with customers and increase awareness of special offers at an affordable cost. This new leap in technology drastically cuts the entry cost for restaurants looking go digital to better serve customers and increase sales.

The menus will include food descriptions and pricing, panning food images and food preparation videos, and can automatically change based on day-parts, scheduled promotions and new menu item releases. The DB48D can also display items in multiple languages to allow this location to serve a variety of International guests.

“Digital signage and menus are a natural extension of our brand and we’ve found it to be a very effective way to communicate with our customers,” said Lesley Whitten, Vice President of Operations for Wolfgang Puck Worldwide. “Our guests appreciate being able to see the high-definition images of our menus, enhancing the experience while making it easier and faster for customers to order, thus reducing wait-time,” continued Whitten.

Specials now are getting the attention they deserve through increased orders, and the HD food pictures are a hit with International travelers. “Many customers order by pointing at the screens, and based on the increased sales of our specials, we know the digital boards are working,” said Scott Mackenzie, General Manager of Wolfgang Puck Express Waikiki.

“We’re pleased to see the direct impact digital menu boards are having for Wolfgang Puck Express,” said Vince Mitchell, President of PDS. “The ability to instantly change and promote specific menu items via a cloud-based solution is a strong benefit that our customers typically realize soon after installation.”

The need for menu information in additional languages is a strong driver to go digital, similar to upcoming menu disclosure changes the FDA is imposing on restaurants with 20 or more locations. Manual signs, or those that require extensive maintenance without the ability to quickly change content can take away from a business’ ability to focus on what they do best. Those with digital menu boards will be ready to quickly add calorie-counts and other nutritional information as new legislation is enacted.


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