G70 Installs Face Temperature Scanner in Honolulu Office for COVID Return

Pacific Digital Signs’ Safe Workplace Solutions Architecture and planning firm G70 has installed the first commercial unit of a face temperature scanner in Hawaii in the lobby of its Downtown Honolulu office to allow contact-free temperature checks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read Full Article at

Digital Menu Board Integration with your POS

Digital Menu Boards & Beer Boards

 Let your POS update your menus in seconds with integrated Digital Menu Boards. Today’s software for digital signage and menu boards allows for easy updating for most cloud-based systems.    Many PDS solutions allow for remote updating of products, special offers, limited time promotions and other content from any web browser or even your smartphone!Read More

Best Practices for driving sales and profits with Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage offers great opportunities to increase customer engagement, sales, and profits.  Images, animations and video can draw the eye and encourage a call to action.  The saying “People eat with their eyes” is quite accurate, and many digital menu board owners can directly influence purchase decisions by using professional food and product images.  TryRead More

FDA Menu Regulations & Nutritional Labeling, what you need to know for 2018.

UPDATE 5/7/18: FDA Labeling Regs are now live!  Are you in compliance?? While the FDA has delayed the go-live date several years in a row, that’s not the case this year as the new Menu Nutritional Labeling is now in effect.  See below for more info, you can also find more details here: FDA MenuRead More

Using Dayparting on Digital Signage Displays to lift sales. 

Dayparting needs to be part of the marketer’s toolbox regardless of the mix of distribution channels that your company employs.  Leveraging and optimizing channels to get your customers into the store is only part of the puzzle.  Once a customer is in the store then the full last inch marketing with Digital Display signage press is on.  Your customers already decided to pickRead More

Wolfgang Puck Express Sees Sales Success with Digital Menu Boards

Wolfgang PE Waikiki

Delivering an Innovative Customer Experience Pacific Digital Signs, a leading digital signage integration company, continues its successful digital menu board rollouts for Quick Serve and Fast Casual brands with its recent installation for the first Wolfgang Puck Express location in Hawaii. Digital menus on Samsung’s DB48D provide an ordering experience with flexible connectivity and highRead More

Top 12 Questions about Digital Signage: Digital Menu Board & Restaurant Edition

Serving up the Latest Innovations in Digital Signage We recently attended another Foodservice, Restaurant and Hospitality show where we previewed some of the latest additions to our digital menu board offerings.   There were lots of people and great comments about digital menu boards and ideas for restaurants, applications, and partnerships! After the show we comparedRead More

New Restaurant FDA Menu Labeling Regulations you need to know.

New FDA Menu Labeling Regulations Everyone dines out at some point, and if you’re trying to watch your calories you know what a challenge it can be to try to eat healthy.  According to the FDA, most Americans spend over 30% of their eating time dining-out or ordering-in and living in blissful ignorance of theRead More

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